MEDICAL SERVICES:  The training and experience of our professional staff qualifies us to provide a full range of medical services for all members of your family. 

These include:    

Flu Vaccines are now available for adults and children under the age of 18 at the Red Hook location.    

Infant and Children's Health Services including sick visit, well-child exams & immunizations.    

Women's Health including family planning, contraception management, office gynecology care, PAP smears and pelvic exams.    

Preventive Health Services for all ages.    

Complete Physical Examinations - personal, school, sports, camp, employment, DOT, Captain's / Coast Guard and executive physicals. 

Evaluation and Management of Acute Conditions including allergies, sinusitis, bronchitis, ear infections, sore throat, headache, chest pain, abdominal pain, urinary tract infections, hemorrhoids, back pain, joint pain, tendonitis, bursitis and many others.    

Evaluation and Management of Chronic Illnesses including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, arthritis, allergies, asthma, chronic lung disease, osteoporosis and others.  

Evaluation and Management of Skin Conditions including rashes, acne, cysts, infections, moles, warts, sun damage, cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions and many others.    

Free Skin Screenings are performed during the Spring and Winter. Please call the office for dates.    

MEDICAL PROCEDURES: Medical and surgical procedures involve a wide variety of techniques and levels of complexity, depending on the particular training and skills of each provider. 

The following is a partial list of the therapeutic procedures done in our office:    

Minor Surgical Procedures including repair of lacerations, incision and removal of inflamed cysts, incision and drainage of abscesses, joint aspirations, scar revisions and many others.    

Dermatology Procedures including skin biopsies, skin cancer removals, benign skin lesion removals, wart and mole removal using both conventional and advanced techniques such as cryosurgery and radiofrequency surgery.    

Cosmetic Dermatology services including removal of moles and other unsightly skin lesions, elimination of small facial spider veins, removal of skin tags, we also offer BOTOX©Cosmetic and Juvaderm injections.    

Radiofrequency Surgery techniques for therapeutic and cosmetic removal of skin lesions.    

Cryosurgery Techniques for therapeutic and cosmetic removal of age spots, precancerous lesions, skin tags, warts, and other non-cancerous skin growths.  

Splinting of broken bones and sprains with referral to Orthopedic doctor for casting.  

IN-OFFICE DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES:  IN ADDITION to medical evaluation and treatment at our three clinic locations, we offer a full line of diagnostic services in our offices.    

LAB WORK: Samples are collected by the nursing staff or health care provider, and are either completed at the time of service or are sent to Quest Diagnostics by daily secure courier.  Red Hook Family Medical Group does not have full in house lab services. Our offices are CLIA waived.

Just as in the Continental U.S., some labs are done locally, and some samples are collected, prepared and sent to regional laboratories in the U.S. for analysis with results returned to us electronically.  The average wait time for lab results is not delayed due to our practice location in the U.S. Virgin Islands because of the special arrangement we have with Quest Diagnostics.    

 * Urine Analysis (urinary tract infection, kidney stone, diabetes)  

* Physician performed microscopy (infections, infestations)    

* Complete Blood Count (infection, anemia)    

* Mononucleosis testing (mono)    

* Pregnancy testing (blood and urine)    

* Rapid strep test (strep throat)    

* Rapid influenza test (the flu)    

* Blood glucose testing  (diabetes, hypoglycemia)    

* Occult blood testing (blood in bowel movements / vomit)    

* Helicobacter pylori testing (stomach infection causing pain or ulcers)    

* ESR (an inflammation marker for serious conditions)    

* PT/INR coagulation testing (for patients on blood thinners)   (Yacht Haven office only)

* EKG - for evaluating chest pain, irregular heart beat  

* Cardia Rhythm strip for evaluating irregular heartbeats over several minutes. 

* Cardiac Stress Testing for low risk patients.  

* Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor for monitoring blood pressure over a 24 hour period.  

* Peak Flow monitoring for asthma and other lung diseases.  

* Pulmonary Function Testing for lung diseases such as asthma, emphysema, restrictive diseases and occupational exposure.  

* Audiometry for hearing screenings including occupational requirements.  

* Vision Testing for far and near vision, as well as color vision screening for special licensing requirements.  

* Allergy Testing by highly sensitive blood immunoassays.    

IN-OFFICE MEDICAL CONSULTATION SERVICES:  TRAVEL medicine consultations are available for any area of the world you wish to travel to.  Many vaccines can be administered by our offices, or we can refer you to a local center where they can be obtained.  We can prescribe prophylactic medication to prevent infection, and we can see you after returning from an area for screening of disease or treatment of specific travel related problems.    

COUNSELING services are available by referral through independent professional counselors practicing in the community.  These professionals work closely with the entire clinic healthcare team and patient care is often co-managed by a physician and a mental health therapist, especially in situations where prescription medications are incorporated into the treatment plan.    

PATIENT ADVOCACY.  This means that when you are a patient at our clinics, we are committed to staying by your side and remaining involved in your care whether you need consultation with a specialist, surgery requiring hospitalization, medical evacuation to a regional treatment center, or end-of-life care.  As primary care physicians we believe that you receive the best care if the doctor that knows you best does not simply "transfer care" to a specialist, but stays involved and informed about your progress, in communication with the specialist or the hospital team as your patient advocate, and resumes your care when you are discharged from specialty care.    

OTHER DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES:  Other services locally available that we refer our patients to and regard highly for their competence, accuracy, and excellent professional service include:    

ST. THOMAS RADIOLOGY for all our patients' radiology services.  Dr.'s Rosenberg and Guller are stateside trained, Board Certified and use the most modern equipment available anywhere.  They are located in the Paragon Building behind the hospital in St. Thomas.  Phone (340) 774-0254    

COMMUNITY MEDICAL LABORATORY is a first rate CLIA-Certified local laboratory, conveniently located behind the hospital in the Paragon Building and offers an excellent service with same day results for most lab requests and uses Quest Diagnostics for most of their off-island work.  Phone (340) 776-7444