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About Covid-19 Antibody Serology Tests


Dr. Siri Akal


As of July 20, 2021, COVID Antibody testing is not available until further notice.

This is a blood test that is processed in our office.  Your results will be sent to you the day of the test or within 24 hours of your test.  Insurance companies require that you are referred by one of our Providers, provide a copy of a photo ID, and the front and back of your insurance card (if applicable). We ask that you submit all paperwork digitally prior to your appointment in an effort to limit contact. Please email to request an appointment, then complete the Registration Form on the Registration Forms page,  being sure to add photo ID and insurance forms where indicated. 

What happens next?

1.  You will receive an email invitation to open a patient portal account where we will upload your results when received.

2.  Our staff will call you to schedule a Telemedicine Visit with one of our Providers and an Antibody test appointment confirming the date, time and location.  This can generally be accommodated the same day as the call or the next business day.


1.  We will not be able to schedule your Telemedicine and Antibody test appointments until all required paperwork is received.

What do my Covid-19 Antibody test results mean?

Serology/Blood/Antibody test. Detects the presence of antibodies to the virus that causes Covid-19.

It takes time for your body to produce antibodies, so this test is used to determine if you have a history of covid-19 infection.  

Typically IgM antibodies appear first, but some people will have IgM and IgG antibodies appear at the same time.

IgM and IgG both negative: you have not been infected with the virus that causes covid-19 or you have been tested too soon and your body has not produced detectable antibodies yet. Some people with past infections may no longer have detectable antibody levels after a period of time.

IgM positive and IgG negative: you have likely been recently (days to 1-2 weeks) infected with the virus that causes covid-19. Some people may take even longer to develop antibodies, and some people who are infected may not ever develop antibodies. We recommend you have a PCR confirmatory test, which is an oral or nasal swab to detect active virus, or quarantine for 7 days.

IgM positive and IgG positive: you have likely been infected with the virus that causes covid-19 2-3 weeks ago.

IgM negative and IgG positive: your were likely infected with the virus that causes covid-19  at least 3 weeks ago.

To Simplify:

IG M – means MAYBE and we suggest that you have a PCR test or quarantine for another 7 days.

IG G – means GONE or GOOD and means you were exposed to COVID19 and your body has created some immunity but its unclear at this time how long or how effective this immunity is.

NOTE: Health Care Coverage varies – please check with your health insurance company for policy benefits. Self pay rate is $150.00


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