Mary McVean, FNP

Nurse Practitioner
Practitioner Specialities

Mary McVean was raised in an a academic family near the Canadian border in New York State. She received her undergraduate degrees through the State University of New York and was a RN for 16 years in New York, Key West and Vermont hospitals, specializing in intensive care and emergency care. Mary then attended Pace University in NY in the early 90s and graduated with a Masters and post graduate Nurse Practitioners in 1995. She set up practice in Woodstock, Vermont and then moved to Manchester, Vt. in 1997.


Her NP career was on the cutting edge of many new beginnings. She was the practitioner selected in a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant for the first on-site high school clinic in the State of Vermont while carrying a full practice at her office. Mary was the first NP to ever own a medical practice in Vermont. She assisted in the writing of the language to make Vermont NPs independent in 2011. Mary was credentialed by the South Western Vermont Medical Center. She has spoken on numerous topics over the years publicly. She sat on the Blue Cross Blue Shield steering committee for financial support of community projects. She was an adjunct professor for University of Vermont, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Sage College in Albany NY and preceptored NP students for most of her 18 years in Primary Care. As an avid skier she helped to create and work in an adaptive ski school for physically and mentally challenged people for a number of years.


Mary went into emergency medicine exclusively in 2013 and was certified by the FCCS in emergency medicine in 2014. She moved with her husband to NC in 2015 in preparation for their 10 year plan of moving to the Caribbean and living on their boat. There Mary ran the Urgent Care Unit for Wilmington Health in Jacksonville NC. With her Red Hook job secured last spring, Mary licensed and prepared for the move while the territory suffered the tragedy of the last hurricane season but this did not thwart her plan to come to Red Hook Family Practice.


Along with her Family boarding Mary worked with bio-identical hormone replacement for Menopause and Andropause for more than 20 years as an NP. She is boarded by the ANCC in family practice and is a National Registered Medical Examiner. She practices with an integrative approach with her patients. Mary is able to serve Red Hook patients in both the Primary and Urgent Care models and lives in the harbor near the office.