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Covid-19 Services


As of May 25th we will be offering Antigen COVID testing at our Red Hook site Monday - Thursday, 5pm-6pm. No appointment necessary, 1st come, 1st serve.

If you are testing for travel purposes please ensure you know which test is required for your destination

Antigen Swab Test $100

For other COVID testing facilities please visit https:/www.covid19usvi.com/testing

What do my Covid-19 test results mean?

Nasal swab.  This is the test used to determine active infection.

Negative: no viral genetic material was detected in your nose/throat. This could be a true negative (you are not infected with the virus that causes covid-19) or a false negative result (you are infected but your test was negative). You may have a false negative if you were tested too soon or too late and there was not enough viral material to detect.

Positive: viral genetic material was detected in your nose/throat indicating that you have been infected with the virus that causes covid-19. If you have a positive test you are required to self isolate at home. If you never developed symptoms you can discontinue self isolation 10 days after your positive test. If you developed symptoms you can discontinue self isolation 10 days after your first symptom began AND no fever for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications AND improvement in other symptoms.

People can have detectable genetic material/positive test for days, weeks or months. For this reason the CDC does not recommend repeat tests for 3 months for anyone with a history of a positive test.

NOTE: Health Care Coverage varies – please check with your health insurance company for policy benefits. Self pay rate for Antigen Swab Test is $100.


As of July 20, 2021 COVID Antibody testing is not available until further notice. 

COVID-19 Vaccinations

We are administering eligible individuals with the Moderna COVID vaccine in the practice by appointment only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Any eligible individual who would like a COVID-19 vaccine can also contact Walgreens, Kmart, Doctors Choice in St Thomas; Island Health & Wellness in St John or call the VITEMA vaccination hotline at 340-777-8227 (VACS).

The vaccination hotline 340-777-8227 (VACS) will operate from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday to Friday, and is staffed with both English and Spanish speaking personnel.

Both insured and uninsured are welcome to call the hotline and those 65 and older are encouraged to call.

Veterans age 55 or older also are eligible and can call the VITEMA hotline or make an appointment through the Veterans Administration at 787-641-4591.

Appointments also can be scheduled on the VITEMA website at www.vitema.vi.gov.

Insured and non-insured individuals can receive the vaccination.

If you have further questions please email covid@redhookfamilypractice.com.