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Robin L. Ellett, MD

Family Medicine Physician
Practitioner Specialities

Dr. Robin Ellett was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and graduated from Williams College in northwestern Massachusetts. She developed an interest in medicine while working as the infirmary director at a UJA – Federation camp for emotionally troubled children and adolescents. 

While a student at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine she was an active participant in the oldest student run free clinic in America. While completing her residency training in Family Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine she was active in the “healthcare for the homeless program” in NYC. 


As a Board Certified Family Doctor, she has worked in a vast array of health care settings, providing Patient centered healthcare to under-served populations. From Red Cross Women’s shelter in NYC, to high school for pregnant and parenting teens in Harlem, NY; Urban Health Project, designed to provide health, housing, and training for formerly homeless women and children in Bronx, NY; to serving as medical officer at public health clinic in Oshakati, Namibia in southwestern Africa. She came to St. Thomas in 2001 with the expressed intention of working in public health and as such worked in the Department of Health clinics located at RLS Hospital. In keeping with her desire to care for a broad spectrum of patients, she also worked at Queen Louise Home for the Aged and at the Elder Shultebrandt Long Term Care Facility in addition to providing home hospice services to many. She has since spent 7 years as an emergency room physician at Schneider Hospital. 


While in residency, Dr. Ellett developed the following mantra which still expresses her belief system and has since been used as a Logo by the Residency Program in Social Medicine. 


First Class Medical Care For All – People First – Class Medical Care For All People 

Family Medicine Physician

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