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Taking the pulse of an older patient

Point of Care Lab Testing

Samples are collected by the nursing staff or health care provider, and are either completed at the time of service or are sent to Quest Diagnostics by daily secure courier. Red Hook Family Practice PC does not have full in house lab services. Our offices are CLIA waived.


Just as in the Continental U.S., some labs are done locally, and some samples are collected, prepared and sent to regional laboratories in the U.S. for analysis with results returned to us electronically. The average wait time for lab results is not delayed due to our practice location in the U.S. Virgin Islands because of the special arrangement we have with Quest Diagnostics.


Same day testing (while you are in the office) - (Red Hook and Yacht Haven Clinics Only):

• COVID Testing

• Urine Analysis (urinary tract infection, kidney stone, diabetes)

• Mononucleosis testing (mono)

• Pregnancy testing (blood and urine)

• Rapid strep test (strep throat)

• Rapid influenza test (the flu)

• Blood glucose testing (diabetes, hypoglycemia)

• Occult blood testing (blood in bowel movements / vomit)

• Helicobacter pylori testing (stomach infection causing pain or ulcers)

• ESR (an inflammation marker for serious conditions)


Laboratory services are only available for patients in our care who don't have insurance. Services for insurance patients are referred to outside labs. We do not provide laboratory services for patients with outside lab orders or referrals. There are a number of on island medical laboratories that can provide this service for you.

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