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Covid 19 Services


We offer the Moderna and Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine & Booster by appointment only at our Yacht Haven clinic. Please call 340 775 2303 to book an appointment.

**MONDAYS - Pfizer (12+ year olds) & Moderna (18+ year olds) COVID-19 Monovalent Vaccine initial 1st & 2nd doses only available.**

**THURSDAYS - Pfizer (12+ year olds) & Moderna (18+ year olds) COVID-19 Bivalent Booster only available**

There needs to be at least 8 weeks between the 2nd initial series and the 1st booster. There also needs to be 8 weeks between each booster. These boosters are as follows: Moderna 18 and older. Pfizer 12 years and older.

Any eligible individual who would like a COVID-19 vaccine can also contact Walgreens in St Thomas; Island Health & Wellness in St John or call the COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline on 340 777 VACS (8227).

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