Our Covid 19 Services

NOTICE: Due to a shortage of COVID testing supplies we are unable to accommodate any future booking requests for COVID testing at this time. You can contact Community Medical Lab in St Thomas on 340 776 7444 or visit https://www.covid19usvi.com/testing.

We are a fully functional testing site offering both Covid-19 diagnostic testing and antibody testing (for more information about the types of tests please see below) with results to you in 24-48 hours. Our diagnostic testing is done Monday – Friday between the hours of 7am-7:30am at our Red Hook location. We offer antibody testing anytime during our regular business hours at all three locations by appointment only. For testing please complete this COVID-19 Registration Form. Once we receive your registration we will contact you to confirm your appointment. Following your appointment your results will be sent to you via your Patient Portal, which is set up using the email you provide on your registration form. Please note, insurance companies no longer cover diagnostic or antibody testing in non-symptomatic patients, i.e. for travel, back to school, work or community exposure.  The cost of testing for non-symptomatic patients is $100 for molecular tests and $75 for antibody testing.

If you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 we do require that you complete a telemedicine visit with one of our providers prior to your test. Currently, if you are symptomatic your health insurance company will cover the test and telemedicine intake visit at 100%.

If you have further questions please email covid@redhookfamilypractice.com.

Vaccinations and Types of tests and what the results mean


There are two types of tests for Covid-19. Diagnostic tests, which can detect an active infection through either a molecular test or an antigen test, or Antibody tests that can detect previous infections. 


Antibody Test

Antigen Test

Molecular Test

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